Let the little Children come to Me
The Philippines and Nepal
   Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to them."  Nolan and Julia are bringing little ones to Jesus every day.  Several years ago, they moved to the Philippines as missionaries to children.  Their organization, New Life Children's Home, operates orphanages in the Philippines and Nepal.  In addition to their work in the orphanages, they hold services for children each Sunday called, J.I.M. or Jesus In Me.
   They have 375-425 in regular attendance and have had as many as 656 in one service.  Nolan and a helper hold the services for children, ages 7-19.  Julia holds the services for preschoolers.  They also have about 100 parents that come.  They teach in the language dialect of Visayan.  Julia and Nolan have Visayan/English speaking natives who help teach the Bible lessons.  Julia wrote to us recently. It was evident that her heart was filled with the love of God.  This is what she said:
"These children are very poor and never get to have colored anything!!  So when we pull out the crayons and construction paper (which I have to bring from the States) they are thrilled beyond belief.  I cry a lot!"
Easter Sunday service for preschool children in the Philippines
   Julia took photos of the kids during an Easter Sunday service and sent them to us.  The pictures are shown below.  Here is her report:
The children are being taught about the love of Jesus
The flag of the Philippines
"We had a total of 61 preschoolers, of which, 11 asked Jesus into their hearts - Praise God!  As you can see from the photos our class is held outdoors, under the mango trees, on the basketball court.  We have 2 monkeys in our class, various roosters, chickens and a resident goose who occasionally honks. None of this deters us, the weather is hot, humid and sunny and we work around the gusts of wind that tend to blow all our craft items.  There is really nothing better than teaching preschoolers!"
   Julia and Nolan are truly "sent ones" to the children in the Philippines and Nepal.  Their hands are the hands of Jesus, their words are the words of Jesus, and their heart is the heart of Jesus.
The flag of Nepal
The children like to watch the puppet skits
Here the children are doing crafts.
Julia brought all the craft materials from her home country.
The children are being told that Jesus will always take care of them.
These young children asked Jesus to be their Savior and Lord.