Children hear about Jesus
   The Bible says of Jesus, "The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light..." (Matthew 4:16).  Just like Jesus, brother David and sister LaDale are bringing the light of God's Word to children in the jungle regions that surround Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Mexico.  David and LaDale are Children's Pastors in a church in Dawsonville, Georgia, USA.
   Each summer, they take a team of six to eight people and travel to Felipe Carrillo Puerto.  From there they go out each day to the outlying villages to minister to the children.  The ones they minister to are Mayan Indians.  Sometimes when they go deep into the jungle, the Spanish must be translated into Mayan for the children. There are approximately one-thousand villages in the jungle area around Felipe Carrillo Puerto.  David and LaDale have been going to the area since 1996 and are still working on the first one-hundred villages.  The villages range in size from three huts to forty huts.  Each village has at least twenty-five children, usually more, and two of the villages have one-hundred-fifty children.  David wrote and told us more:
   "We concentrate on the villages mostly and try to get to at least 2 a day. They are not close together and the roads are not so good. Sometimes, depending on location, we can see as many as 4 in a day. The children in the villages are without many things we take for granted, but they are always happy and enjoy seeing us. We use puppets for songs and skits (in Spanish), we give out bags with a Christian Tract, a toy, gum and candy to each child. Last June we also gave out bags with personal hygiene products to the children. Every other trip we have a registered nurse that goes with us to help treat children and adults in the villages. That's a blessing!"
Ministering in the home church of Felipe Carrillo Puerto
   Each November, David and LaDale return to Mexico and concentrate on the town of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.  They minister in a church there called, Iglesia Cristiana de la Zona Maya, El Monte de los Olivos.  Before David and LaDale came, the classrooms for the children were without any furniture or supplies.  Now they have Bible lessons, a set of flannel graphs, tables, chairs, a projector, a CD/Tape player and songs so the kids can sing.  David and LaDale teach the children many things.  They also instruct the adults in how to effectively teach the children.
Some of the children
A bare classroom
Improvments needed
New tables
Happy children now
New projector
Picture time!.
David and LaDale
Pina Suarez
Kristy gives haircuts
Lois instructs
Nurse Donna
Ministering in the jungle villages
Village of Chunhuas
Laguna Kana
Village church
Village hut
Children receive gifts
Santa Maria
A new village
Outside in Dzula
Children's Pastors David and LaDale
The flag of Mexico
Felipe Carrillo Puerto on the east coast of  Mexico